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VR Simulations HTC Vive/Pimax 5K

Using the HTC Vive and now the more advanced Pimax 5K VR headsets clients can be placed in Virtual Reality testing situations that allow for close analysis of their capacity to perform the critical physical demands of the work. Often the VR removes the individual from the stressful situation of clinical assessment and places them in a safe environment performing tasks they are familiar with.


Combined with the power of clinical motion capture, focused assessments and accurate determination of capacity to perform the critical physical demands of work can be achieved.


VR Goggles

During the rehabilitation phase, work hardening is accomplished using simulation.


The monotony of repetitive days performing the same exercises day after day is broken by placing the individual in situations they are familiar with and comfortable with and allows treatment to focus on the specific movement patterns, muscle groups, and work positioning needed to increase capacity to return to work.

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