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What is Clinical Motion Capture?

Using small wireless sensors, full body movement is tracked and recorded in real time in order to analyze the movement patterns and resulting forces on the body to determine capacity to work or perform daily activity. 


Post injury it is natural that you will begin to physically compensate for the pain and the resulting restricted mobility and speed of movement will alter the quality of your movement.


Those alterations will affect the biomechanics (or movement patterns) and the amount for mechanical force that a joint can produce or tolerate. 

Why use Clinical Motion Capture?

Your injury can adversely affect your capacity to perform the critical aspects of your job whether you are an office worker sitting throughout the day, labourer out in the field, or heavy equipment operator, biomechanics will affect how well you can tolerate your job. 


If those biomechanics are not accurately assessed then the very foundation of your ability to work has not been properly assessed. 

Don’t be fooled by low tech examiners that will guess at how you are managing and moving prior to recommending that you should return to work. Your injury and the resulting affect on your movement patterns along with the forces that you can sustain is an important part of determining your capacity.


Clinical Motion Capture combined with job specific work simulation in a controlled environment will bring you one step closer to determining if you are able to safely return to work, if further rehabilitation is needed, or if there are any accommodations to will assist in helping you to return to work.

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