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Full Day Assessment of your client's capacity to perform work and functional activity.


Functional Capacity or Work Capacity Evaluations are a full day assessment taking as much as 8 hours which focus on your client's capacity to perform work or functional activity. The assessment uses standardized tests and non-standardized tests to determine mobility, strength, and endurance as well as the individual's ability to obtain and maintain a productive competitively employable work pace.


Standardized tests of manual dexterity, positional tolerance, strength, and productivity are only part of the picture at the OAC. OAC uses motion capture technology to track positioning, speed of movement, quality of movement, and biomechanics in order to measure and verify work capacity.


OAC is also the only assessment centre in BC incorporating comprehensive work simulation using the most modern Virtual Reality work sim including heavy equipment operating, driving (car and truck), welding, nursing, dentistry.

Functional/Work Capacity Evaluation

Job Site/ Ergonomic Assessment

On site analysis of physical demands and ergonomics of the job.


The Job Site/Ergonomic Assessment can be performed for several purposes. 

Ergonomics can be assessed to determine if there are any assistive devices or changes to workstations that will help your client manage ongoing pain and physical restrictions.


The client can also be observed performing their regular duties and what accommodations have been made as a result of ongoing physical restrictions in order to augment the FCE. Relea world data of positional tolerance, strength, mobility, endurance, and quality of movement will help to augment the biomechanical test results from the FCE.

Home Assessment for the purpose of a Minimum Cost

of Future Care Report


Minimum Cost o Future Care involves an assessment at

the client's home of there capacity to perform typical

daily activities or avocational activity such as housework,

yard work, or home maintenance.


The assessment is typically 2 hours and involves

a comprehensive interview. The assessment can also

involve physical testing of mobility and strength

as well as observations of performing chores.

Cost of Future Care/Home Assessment

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