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The Occupational Assessment Centre of BC is the only clinic offering the merge of high tech clinical motion capture and real world simulation with traditional rehabilitation approaches to create a unique clinical setting geared to individualized assessment and treatment services. 


Assessment and Treatment is geared to the unique needs of the client and focuses on work or job specific real world demands using work activity through the use of training simulation and VR to create an individualized program. 

Russell McNeil, B.Sc. (OT), OT. Occupational Therapist


The owner of the British Columbia Occupational Assessment Centre OAC ltd. and has been practicing as an Occupational Therapist since 1989. Russell is also the President of Biosyn Systems and inventor of the Functional Assessment of Biomechanics clinical motion capture system.


30 years of experience performing Functional/Work Capacity Evaluations, Cost of Future Care, Job Site/Ergonomic Assessments, and Work Hardening. Helping to pioneer the application of MEMS wireless clinical motion capture to return to work treatment and assessment.

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